The mission and objectives of the A.A.C.R. derived from the A.E.C.R which it belongs, are defined in Article 5 of its Charter. The main objectives are as follows:

  1. To promote regional science as a theoretical and applied subject that draws on converging aspects of different scientific disciplines and fields that contribute to the balanced and harmonious development of mankind, environment and territory.
  2. To create a forum for exchanging experiences and promoting the dissemination of research methods, techniques and instruments that have a bearing on regional science.
  3. To promote the creation of international relationships and opportunities for exchange in the field of regional science.
  4. To promote the study of regional science in schools, universities and research institutions.
  5. To give support to publications, conferences and any other activities that lead to improved regional analysis and regional actions.
  6. To work with all levels of public administration in achieving the Association’s goals and to facilitate the development of the Spanish Statutes of Autonomy.
  7. To provide technical assistance to government bodies and other public or private institutions and to engage in international cooperation in those fields related to the Association’s objectives.

One of the AECR’s main activities is the organization of an annual Regional Studies Meeting, participation in which is gradually being extended to all of the Spanish regions. The meeting is used to analyse issues of particular relevance each year, tailored to the needs of the region in which the event is held.

Since 1982, the Association’s Documentation Centre has filed the proceedings of all the Regional Studies Meetings held, as well as material from various private meetings organized by the regional offices and documentation on conferences, seminars and meetings related on regional issues organized by foreign associations.

The AECR publishes a periodic newsletter on Association affairs, events, publications, news and other aspects of interest to its members. The information published in the newsletter is also available on the AECR website.