A brief history of the Andalusian Regional Science Association

The Andalusian Regional Science Association (AACR) originates wtih the initial academic and organizational steps from the Spanish Association (AECR) in the 1st Meeting of Regional Studies in Barcelona in 1973. In April 1976, taking advantage of the 3rd Meeting of Regional Studies, the first National Assembly was established. Since 1978 to 1988 the National events were anual meeting.

Within these regional events, the most significant was the 1st Congress of the AACR in Jerez de la Frontera in April 1997, with over 500 participants. Following the success of this 1st congress every Andalusian University, led by local partners of the AACR have welcomed events of this type. It is also the aim of this new Board take up this dynamic as to meetings.

These meetings have allowed to transfer to the Andalusian society an important research about Andalusian region.

A legacy, result of colleague mainly from Universities without their efforts there would have been none of this. In this path, there have been several changes in his presidency, secretariat, other responsibilities and composition of the Board since the establishment of the AACR, in this twenty years. People who have been presidents of AACR are Rafael Dominguez, Jose Valles, Adolfo Rodero, Andrés García, Juan Rodriguez and Manuel Alejandro Cardenete (current president since January 2015). It has to stand out Prof. Gabriel Cano for their responsibilities for this Association.

From human AACR group was born what would be the Andalusian Regional Science Academy created by Decree 383/2009 of 9 December. The current president, prof. Jose Valles, who was also for years the heart and soul of our Association.

Today, AACR has about 75 members, it is the largest of the regional associations of Spain (about 475 members). It is formed not only by professors and researchers from the Andalusian Universities, also by other Andalusian researchers from other research or the world of the company.

José M. Jurado Almonte

University of Huelva

Current Secretary of the AACR